About Goddess Column

Welcome to Goddess Column.

Well, hello!

Goddess Column is a first-class digest of adulthood—#uncensored. Goddess Column was originally created for Millennials from all walks of life to have somewhere to go when those real-life questions arise about the many challenges we face when “adulting”. Primarily focusing on the challenges of life, love, and parenting, we candidly (and freely) expose our truths through sharing tips for success, personal stories, and offering real-life advice to anyone interested in reading it. Goddess Column assures our readers that they’re not alone whenever they feel like their life is in shambles as a result of not “adulting” very well; and more importantly, we assure our readers that there’s nothing wrong with having to learn the lessons of life as they are thrown at us—one day at a time.

Isis is a mother, author, and free-spirited freelancer. She loves to candidly share her good and not-so-good experiences in effort to transform the stories into applicable real-life advice for Millennials. She began her writing career in 2013 with the growing blog formerly known as, ‘The Goddess Column’, as a result of graduating from college and still feeling completely lost in finding a fulfilled direction in life. Since then she has created mind-blowing content for over 10 publications, published her very own magazine, and has written two books to date. Isis is a proud Millennial who is dedicated to living freely and sharing her story, all while figuring life out along the way.

As if adulting wasn’t hard AF before the pandemic, motherhood took the front and only seat in Isis’ life. In turn, Isis made the brave decision to take a break from writing ‘The Goddess Column’ to give more time and attention to facing parenthood and all the other factors of adulting head-on. While the break was an excellent idea, due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to start over at a new online address when she was finally ready to return to her writing journey. Thus, ‘Goddess Column’ was born. So, while some things will seem very familiar to those of you who were around back then, other things will feel quite new and refreshing. A lot has changed over the last few years for Isis, but her desire to share those candid, #nofilter, #uncensored stories is still very much the same. 

We’re so glad to be back. Here’s to the journey continued!

A Note From The Editor

Hi friends! I just want to throw out a little disclaimer while I’ve got your attention. Goddess Column is literally a written account of our minds out loud. We share our personal thoughts and views on our own experiences of adulthood. In no way are we saying that our reader’s experiences with said subjects will be familiar or duplicated. Everything you read here is our honest opinion and it comes from genuine emotion. Goddess Column is not here to foster negativity or controversy and I ask that all material be read with a nonjudgmental heart. 

Love always, Isis.