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Think of Goddess Column as your own personal judgment-free, internet safe-zone. I created this site for Millennials from all walks of life to have somewhere to go when we have real-life questions about any of the challenges we face throughout adulthood. From business, life, love, and everything in between there’s no limit to the topics that are discussed and we prefer to be #uncensored AF when it comes to telling the story.

While I create the conversations with my own personal stories and experiences, I love to keep those conversations going by interacting with you, our beloved reader! I enjoy sharing the stories of our readers in whichever way they may relate to the topics we tackle here at Goddess Column so that we know there’s someone out there we can relate to.

So, if you’ve got a story, a response, a question, or just need someone to listen… I’m here. Tell me all about it.

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